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Poem Power!

Poem Power!

ALERT: Be on the lookout for coming news on Jim Hallinan's 2nd Volume of Poem Power ("Poem Power For Today ... and each week of the year") to be published in the New Year!

Poem Power! "A Miracle for You"
  is available for order on-line (see link below)! For more details (including free on-line access to review excerpts from the book), or to place your order on-line today, please click on the following link:


**To order your own personally signed copies of Poem Power! "A Miracle For You" directly from inspirational writer, Jim Hallinan, you may contact Jim directly via email at jamesdhallinan@gmail.com! Or call at 610-202-2255 today!



Jim's Poem Power Mission is:

To share the inspiration and healing power of the poetic craft with a world in great need of it, and expand its reach and impact far and wide, one person, one poem at a time, by connecting the 'Commoner' in all of us with the Highest Aspirational Self in each of us!


To help as many people as I possibly can to tap more fully into their inner genius (potential) and unleash their infinite creativity - their 'Poet within' - through reflective journaling and the power of poetry (Poem Power)! 

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