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Our world is in need of our positive energy and inspiration now more than ever. Our ("I"nspiration) "I" Team was created as  vehicle to share inspirational passages and thoughts each day for the purpose of bringing higher levels of positive energy to our own lives and our world. We lift up our world one person at a time and we hope you will be the next 'one person' in helping us do just that!   

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Here are a few samples of our Inspirational Daily Doses:


"I" Team,

A "Super" Saturday Welcome for The "I" Team! Just in my home office prepping for the upcoming webinar I will be conducting in a few hours, and thought I would get a relatively early 'dose' out for today.

Today's Passage is from the book, "The End of Illness" by David B. Agus, MD:

"Awareness alone will help you make the needed changes to live a more conscious, fulfilling life that will endure the test of time..."

Thought(s) on Today's Passage:

Awareness alone of our inner blocks to our growth and success is (can be) powerful. But only if we move from the awareness level, to the action level, to fully address, heal and release those inner blocks (conflicts)! 'Soul' (inner) searching is a great first step in the positive change and growth process of our life! 'Soul' (inner) healing is transformational!   

All The Best, "I" Team!
With Love,

Jim (Mer) / Dad / Uncle Jim (UJ)



We may never know the difference we make or have made in the lives of others, but not knowing doesn't stop our positive impact from occurring! And that is more than reason enough to keep giving fully of ourselves for the benefit and betterment of others and our world!      


The possibilities in life are endless. The opportunities infinite. Our growth potential unlimited! We should never 'get stuck' where we are, with boundless pathways in front of us yet to be explored! Let's keep moving ... forward, onward, and upward, "I" Team! 



Our thoughts are creative ... largely to the the degree they are shared via our words and actions. Thinking positively is a great starting point, like the starting line of a race. You have to first get to the starting line in order to get in the race (of life). But if we're ever going to win the race, or at least experience fully the race itself, we need to get off the starting line and into the race!  



For Today's Passage, I wanted to share some thoughts about a topic I discussed at a client Board of Directors/ Audit Committee meeting yesterday. The topic involved Corporate Governance. I was asked as part of my quarterly Board/ Audit Committee update presentation to include a segment (and provide a one page summary overview visual document) highlighting the Audit Committee's specific oversight role and positioning in the Governance framework of the organization. There were some new members to the Audit Committee that the Audit Committee Chairman thought could benefit from this type of presentation and visual depiction of the Audit Committee's role. The presentation went very well and I came way from it reinforced as ever about the important connection between business/ organizational type governance ('corporate 'governance) and the type of governance that applies to our own lives (personal governance). One of the key points in my presentation after walking thru the Audit Committee's role and positioning was outlining the vital task of the Board and executive/ senior management in establishing a sound, proactive, positive energy environment for the organization. 

And I offer that same vital emphasis to you, "I" Team, from a more personal perspective. "Environment"  is the foundation from which we build our lives! The environment we create for ourselves, our 'inner' environments especially, as well as for our home, our family, our neighborhood, our community, and our workplace, is crucial for each of us, if we are committed to generating and sustaining the highest possible quality of life for ourselves and those we touch each day! I actually linked my presentation from yesterday (the part about environment and the energy we each bring to and share with and in our environment) to a talk I had with my three youngest boys today. Essentially, what I shared with them was that every 'thing' we say or do in life typically has one or two main effects in terms of the energy we bring to and share with our environment (and in my case with my boys I was speaking more specifically to  our family/ home environment). And those two effects were that we were either using our energy in a way that was either "energizing" (uplifting) our environments or "ener-draining" them ('ener-draining' was my newly created  word)! We either increase the positive energy flow in our environment or we 'drain' it from ourselves and others through our negativity. Environment (and the energy we contribute to it) is everything, "I" Team!

Positive Energy = Positive Environment = Positive Life!       


Just a thought or two for today's message.

What a wet and foggy (especially early) day today back here on the east coast of the U.S. I was walking out of a Wawa (store) this morning on my way to a client site in Bethlehem, PA and exchanged door holding 'ceremonies'  with another patron there as we left the store at the same time. We also both exchanged genuine "Have a great day" wish, which always helps to put a grateful smile on my face and in my heart. And as we walked separately to our cars, which happened to be parked near each other, the whole "smile" 'thing' hit me. And I offered this final parting quip before getting into my car and they in theirs:

"Looks like we're going to have to light up the day with our own smiles today, because it doesn't look like the sun is going to be up for it!" That elicited a nod and big smile from my Wawa compatriot,  which gave me a nice boost as I readied myself for the road trip north for the day.

It's not about the weather outside, "I" Team. It's all about the climate we set within and radiate forth 'without!'



Go silent, go deep (within), "I" Team! Trust yourself and your inner genius to guide you to your life calling (work), if it hasn't done so already. Don't let anyone talk you out of pursuing your dreams! Taking good advice on ideas and ways to pursue your dreams from others may be worthwhile at times but the decision and commitment to follow your calling (and goals/ dreams) is all YOUR's ... and MINE!



The challenge is to keep the belief, keep the faith, after failing ... many times! And with the challenge, comes the opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime, to persist and ultimately persevere in the face of  all odds seemingly stacked against us! But with a steadfast belief in ourself, and our higher power, what looked like on the surface as odds against us, turn out to be odds actually stacked high for us! And so, we'll one day finally see and know, through our never dying belief and faith, that those high stacked walls of challenge in our life were not really walls afterall, simply entranceways to our unlimited futures of growth! 



It can be tough sometimes when we are going through difficulties and challenges, to stop and reflect on all we have to be grateful for in our life. But it is just at such times that we have an extra need to do so! Giving thanks during times of stress and anxiety, brings balance to our emotional state, allowing us to 'see' much more clearly the real issues we face. And in so doing, this allows us to also see more clearly the priceless opportunities for growth we have at hand to overcome any and all issues we face! 


Each day we have the incredible power to begin anew to create the makings of our own life masterpiece (or to continue on with the masterpiece we have begun)! To do so, we must offer to the world words and actions that consistently align with our highest aspirational self, values, and beliefs! Let's offer to the world the highest we have within us to offer, "I" Team! It is greatly needed ... now more than ever!


No matter what our age or stage of life, we can all be more proactive and choose to create (or re-create) our life work and live it from this day forward! If we are going to 'work' anyway, we might as well make it our LIFE WORK, "I" Team!  



Life can easily become a day to day blur of busyness and routine, if we let it. Or we can create of it a tapestry of everyday special moments where we take hold of the commonplace and weave it into our very own heaven on earth!    



WE are the only ones who can stop our own growth! When we choose giving of ourselves and growing in all aspects of our being as foundation stones of our life purpose, we will find that we also choose to experience greater degrees of fulfillment and happiness in ourselves and our life! Who would not want that?! Keep growing and never stop, "I" Team! 


We can measure our progress in life in many ways. But one of the best ways may be to take a look in the mirror each night before we go to bed, and ask ourselves if we contributed to the betterment of our world and the lives of those we came into contact with, this day, each day. Random acts of kindness can be come regular acts of kindness, when we develop the daily habit of simply being kind and helpful to others, as often as we possibly can!


Becoming a role model of exceptional living is built every day upon the rock of our character! And character is not a one time or one off 'thing' ... it is a 24/7 commitment to a way of living that consistently aligns with our highest aspirational selves, beliefs and intentions! Living an exceptional life may seem like the 'exception' in our crazy world today. But maybe, just maybe, we can make that exception become more of the rule, "I" Team, by our efforts every day to be more, become more, give more (of ourselves), and grow more! 




How we view life, goes a long way in determining how we live our life each day. I have an important homework assignment for our team. Here it is: Ask yourself how you would complete the start of this statement that begins with the following two words - "LIFE IS ..." Try to write down at least 2-3 answers for your assignment. Here are a few examples based on 'things' I have heard from others during talks I have given on this topic: Life is full of problems. Life is a test. Life is grand! etc. So, now it's your turn. Drop me a line with what you come up with. This may be a starting point in the process of transforming how you look at (and live) your life! Our global beliefs are our ultimate success drivers, beginning with our belief about life! We can't change our view, our belief, about life, for the better, unless we know first what our view / belief is.  Let's get to it, "I" Team! I look forward to hearing back from you. I'll be doing this homework assignment too, like I have done a number of times in the past. It is a great exercise and I love how my views (beliefs) on life have continued to evolve and grow over time! I hope you will find the same thing too when you commit to periodic reflection on your core beliefs such as this one about LIFE!  



It's very easy to get fixated on wanting to change everything on the outside, when it's change on the inside that is most needed.  When we change our inner selves for the better, we'll begin to also change for the better our view of the outer conditions and circumstances of our lives. And in so doing, we can put ourself in a more empowered state to begin radiating forth the positive change we have created from within to our outer world of form and circumstance!



I'm not sure there is any better gift to give ourselves than inner peace. Calm waters within allow us to see clearly the mountains without. And seeing clearly, the path UP and over life's mountains unfolds for us! 



The world without (circumstance) is no match for the world within .. unless we let it be. When we 'conquer' the world within, we take the first steps toward molding our circumstances on the outside instead of letting them mold us!



When it comes to matters of the heart, we either decide to live a life of purpose, unique to us, and at our own choosing, or we relinquish that power and take a route that may appear much safer on the surface, along with the crowd. Authentic leadership has nothing to do with position or title. It involves following our heart, our deepest inner self, and leading ourselves first and foremost on the path of our highest calling and choosing! From this perspective, leading comes from following ... our heart!



Being a positive role model can be best achieved through The Power of Positive Alignment. When our words and actions are consistently aligned intentionally with our true spirit (our beliefs/ faith),  it is then that our authentic self and thus too our influence and impact can be felt to the greatest extent by others!



The energy we consistently radiate forth from within to the world beyond ourselves, will be a major determinant in our life experience and the results we generate in life. The more consistently we share our positive attitude with others and our world, the more positive will our life experience be and become in the short and long term. 'Things' won't necessarily be perfect when we maintain and share our positive energy, but they WILL be better than if we were to share only the opposite!



Defining "Success" for ourselves can be our defining moment in life. Our view of success is unique and specific to each of us. And true success originates from our inner world of character and purpose. We can only control our inner world, not the outer one beyond us. But we certainly can influence, for the better, that outer world by rising above it and becoming a role model of the positive change we seek for it and in it!



That is what IT - LIFE - is all about, "I" Team: Helping make the world a better place! One person, one team, at a time!



When we immerse ourselves in the positive side of life, and release the negativity that once was a part of our life (and maybe even a big part of our life), the path ahead becomes ever clearer, as our inner world becomes calmer and more peaceful! And calm waters within, allow us to see clearly and climb well, the mountains without!



The immediate impact of our efforts may not be observable ... yet. But keep at it, "I" Team, and rest assured that the winter of your efforts will one day blossom in spring! And remember, winter just doesn't automatically turn to spring when it wants. It takes 90 days or so in a row each year - and many of those days can be tough weather ones depending on where you live - before spring arrives. So, fret not when the bad weather days come. Know that as you face them, they are making you stronger on your path forward to fulfilling your goals and dreams! 



... When it comes to making our time commitments to ourselves, let's not let excuses get in our way of completing that which we have committed to do. Let's not allow ourselves to stop giving an effort worthy of our highest self and completing that which we set out to do,  just because we may be a little late! Better to be on time than late, no doubt. But better too, to complete our mission at hand vs. not completing it at all!



Our human world, understandably, can be a very tangible, material type world. We believe what our physical senses validate for us. But it is the invisible world of our mind (thoughts), heart (feelings) and 'soul' (our deepest inner, higher and eternal self), that can make all the difference in the meaning and quality of our lives, our levels of giving, growth, and fulfillment, and our positive impact on others! It is  this inner world of 'spirit' that we have the priceless opportunity to radiate forth and share with our outer world every day! When all aspects of our being are positively aligned (our thoughts, feelings/ emotions, words/ deeds, and beliefs/ intentions) with our true spirit, we are said to be in-spirit (inspired). And it is from this priceless state of inspiration that we can offer our inspiration to a world much in need of it! Keep inspired and keep sharing your inspiration, "I" Team! I know you will - that is why we are the "I" Team! 



If our dreams and goals are not stretching us, we may need to relook at them. Our greatest growth in life can come from our every day efforts in pursuit of our dreams and goals! The more limits we put on our dreams and goals, the more limits we place on ourselves. Our growth builds on our pathway of progress to the stars and beyond, not only on our arrival! Our potential is virtually unlimited! Let's never stop tapping it, "I" Team!


I think all of us down deep would like to make a big and positive difference in the lives of others. But in waiting to make that big difference, we can easily miss the many and varied smaller opportunities to make a difference each day. When we begin to maximize the 'smaller' opportunities to give of ourselves each day unto others, the forward momentum we will create in our life makes it only a matter of time until what was once so seemingly 'small' becomes oh so very BIG!



See 'Blog' for today.  



One of our goals for today and each day should be to transcend our self-imposed limitations! Often our biggest barriers to moving forward in life, are the barriers we build. Instead of building barriers to block our success, we need to build pathways to and for our constant and never ending growth!  



What we can do is virtually unlimited. What we will do is limited primarily by our self-imposed limitations. Time to turn can into will and will into actual being and doing, "I" Team! Greatness awaits us on the path of service and contribution, not ego! 



Our Vision for our life is our destiny calling. But we have to answer that call by taking action every day to move forward, toward fulfillment of our Vision or it will only keep being our calling, not one day our reality as it is meant to be!



What we say and how we say it to others, tells them (and us) a lot about our attitudes. And what we say to ourselves typically precedes our actions and what we say to others.  Our words and particularly our actions are a primary driver in the results we produce and our overall quality of life. So, if we want to change the quality of our lives for the better, we need to change our actions and the way we speak for the better. And that begins with changing our inner thoughts and dialogues first!


Who is to say what each of us are capable of being and becoming? I can't answer that for you and you can't answer that for me. Although there are times when we both may - with good intention - try to do that for each other. When someone else offers an opinion of us, which on the surface appears to place limits on our potential, the opinion itself means nothing - unless we accept it and believe it. There's only two opinions that really matter - one within and One far above! And when our opinion within aligns with the One above, the limits on our potential become no more!



We all have faced and will continue to face many challenges throughout our life and in many different aspects of our life.  How we approach the challenges in our life will go far in determining the quality of our life. If we look at challenges negatively, they can ultimately become limitations. If we view challenges from a positive and empowering mindset, they can provide us with the greatest opportunities for growth that we will ever have! Negativity acts like a STOP light in our life, preventing us from moving forward and experiencing the unlimited growth that is our right. A Positive Will on the other hand, activates the GREEN light of constant and never ending growth in our life! GO to GROW, "I" Team! GO to GROW! 



Just a quick thought or two for Today's message. One way to gauge the quality of our day is to count how many Thank You's we give to others throughout the day, as acknowledgement for their good and well intended efforts! Another way is to see how many Thank You's you receive from others for your good and well intended words and deeds. The more Thank You's we give and receive during the day, generally the better the day! And on the receiving end, it's not necessary to hear the Thank You's from others for our well intended efforts. It's nice to hear the Thank You's, but if we don't, our efforts alone will hopefully be rewarding enough to contribute to the fulfillment of our day!


We may 'think' our lot in life is the way it is and will never change. And in thinking so, we make that reality so. All it takes is a change in our thinking at any moment in our life to begin changing the reality of our life. Our shift to a more positive oriented thinking, attitude, mindset, and approach to life is vital to creating a more positive life, in virtually every aspect! Others may call positive thinking hogwash. We KNOW BETTER! And in knowing better, we become better every day!



The gift of life is truly miraculous! But only if we treat it as such. Like a mirror, life reflects back to us what we bring to it and what we believe, intend and think about it! If we want a more positive life experience, we need to bring forth our inherent positive energy to life itself and  share it every day with our world! 



The greatest control we have over positive change and growth in our lives is with and within ourselves! We can influence others but we cannot force them to change. Sometimes all we need is a change in our own attitude or perspective to create and experience the change we are seeking!



To the 'ideologue,' the ends too often justify the means.  To the principled person, the ends are important, but the means are everything! What we 'achieve' in our life is secondary to how we conduct ourselves and our lives! Stand firm today on principle, "I" Team: Your Principles!

Tuesday 1/5/16

The longer we get stuck in the blame game - blaming others and/or our 'circumstances' for any and every thing that is wrong in and with our life - the longer what could have been temporary setbacks will take to get over. Excuses and excuse making gets 'old' after awhile. So, let's always keep it 'new' and positive, "I" Team! Let's get rid of the excuses and replace them with action! Instead of commiserating with others about what's wrong with our lives, let's reflect on, share, and celebrate what's right .. and All The Best that is still yet to come! 



We may never fully know the positive impact we have on others by encouraging them and helping to lift them and their spirits UP.  But know indeed that there will be an impact! And that impact may just be the turning point in another's life!  At a minimum, it will be a helping hand that made their day just a little bit better! 


It's the first Sunday of the New Year, so I thought why not start with the first passage of The Bible! I have always found this opening passage very powerful. Even at / before the beginning of time, the Spirit of God was with us / our world. And His Spirit is still with us and always will be! How Blessed we are!


"What if?" thinking and self-exploration can be extremely powerful. I use and speak about two polar opposite aspects of "What if?" thinking. The first is the negative or regrets aspect of "What if?" thinking. What if I get to the end of my life and I realize that I never took any risks in my life, I never followed my heart, my dreams, my passion, my life work...? That type of looking back in advance "What if?" thinking can help us to never end up in a place of regret when we come to the end of lives. Many have written and spoken about the greatest regrets of people having in life being what they didn't try, what they didn't do... We never want to end up in that place of regret in our lives. Another powerful use of "What if?" thinking involves taking a current look at our lives and asking ourselves, "What if I begin today and every day forward to make the positive changes in myself and my life that I know can lead me forward to a life of ever increasing growth, fulfillment and success?!" What if I commit today to a life of ongoing and never ending personal growth? What if I begin today (and every day forward) taking actions toward my greatest goals and dreams in life and never stop until I experience their fulfillment?  What if...?! Let's vow to not end our year ahead with any regrets, "I" Team! Let's begin practicing "What if?" thinking every day to help empower us to begin doing today that which we wish not to regret having left undone tomorrow, and starting today that which we have put off for far too long!


This is a great day to begin 'shaping' the best possible circumstances for ourselves and our lives for the coming year! Let's choose our thoughts well, and positively, "I" Team! When we keep our beliefs. intentions, thoughts, words and deeds all in positive alignment, we can't help but begin to shape  the best possible 'circumstances' and conditions for our lives!


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